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21 Questions, Cont.

Sabrina Banes, a writer and former journalist in Brooklyn, has a website, YA New York ( ), dedicated to young adult literature. She has an unusual interview technique in which the interviewee also gets to ask questions of the interviewer. I will be posting the interview she had with me in short excerpts over the next several days.

Question Thirteen

Sabrina Banes: Let’s face it: Worldweavers, as a series, is kind of geeky. Which is a good thing, by the way, same as being trashy would be, but what I want to know is, what sci fi television shows do you watch or own on DVD?

Alma: Well, Babylon Five, we have DVDs of all of it. I can quote you large chunks of that show. That was some of the best human drama, bar none, genre or non-genre, ever on TV.

Of course Star Trek is right up there, and there’s an ongoing discussion with my husband about which incarnation was the best. … My own preference — not because it was fantastic acting or original science, but because of sheer character interaction — is the original series.

One of the newer ones, which they cancelled in the middle of a cliffhanger, was Carnivale. The current thing that I’m watching, and all I can tell you is that I hope there’s a rabbit because if there isn’t I’m going to be so mad I spent so much time looking at it, is Lost.

Question Fourteen

Alma: What’s your favorite Star Trek movie?

Sabrina Banes: Asking me that is kind of like asking a pro football player what his favorite chick flick is, because I honestly don’t spend that much time thinking about them … which is odd, because I would like be knowledgeable enough to give a good answer. But … which movie does Spock come back to life in?

Question Fifteen

Sabrina Banes: What about you?

Alma: Star Trek IV, the one with the whales. I love the one with the whales. “It’s not the whales, Captain, it’s the water.” Someday I just know I’m going to want back the part of my brain that keeps track of entire movies. I can quote you Star Wars.


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