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What DON’T you want?

I recently asked readers of an interview with me at Book Talk: “What makes you call something a “good” or a “bad” book? What makes you call a book unforgettable? What makes you throw it across the room?”

One of the responses was from Karen H who said,

“I can tolerate pretty much anything in the books I read but the two things that will make me throw the book at the wall are:
1. TSTL (*Too Stupid To Live) heroine (or hero) and
2. Characters not written true to the time period of the book

I’m not talking about flaws in history (or research) but let’s say it is a book set in late 18th century and the heroine is suppose to be the illiterate, virginal daughter of an innkeeper. Her conversation is written as a well educated, sexually liberated 21st century woman. Just doesn’t fit! I tried to read a book written like that by a rather well-known author. I couldn’t finish it.”

There were a lot of other fascinating comments. You can read the whole thing at Storytellersunplugged .

[If you want to read the original interview at Book Talk, it’s here.]


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